SALLY SWATLAND(USA :1946- ) 바닷가의 추억 미술 겔러리

Memories of Summer

Nets and Pails

The Hermit Crab

Building a Castle

Building a Castle

Sunny Afternoon

The Road Builders

The Sand Pail, Fisher's Island

A Good Day for a Sail

Playing in the Tidal Pools

Summer Memories

Castle Builders, Todd's Point

sunny afternoon

Sand Castle Day

By the Sea

Along the Connecticut Shore

Reflections at the Inlet

June on the Barrier Islands

The Colors of Summer

Sand Bar on Fishers Island

The Snail Collection

Water for the Moat, Cape Cod

Windy Day, Cape Cod

Inspecting the Catch

Sailing in the Cove

Day at the Beach

Afternoon on the Terrace

Sally Swatland was born in 1946 in Washington,
DC and moved to Greenwich, Connecticut when she was seven.
Her father was a successful attorney, which allowed her family
to spend long periods in the countryside with many vacations at various seaside
locations throughout the United States. She shared a passion with her family for beaches,
sunshine, and fresh air. Most summer days were spent at the beach playing in tidal pools,
chasing minnows, collecting shells and exploring.

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[출처] SALLY SWATLAND(USA :1946- ) 바닷가의 추억



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